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Compensation for cattle

Government compensation is paid to owners of cattle compulsorily slaughtered for bovine TB control purposes. Since February 2006, compensation in England has been determined primarily using table values, which reflect the average sales price of bovine animals in 51 different categories. The categories are based on the animal’s age, gender, type (dairy or beef) and status (pedigree or non-pedigree).

Changes to compensation during 2012

Changes to compensation were introduced on 1 July 2012, including reduced compensation payable for TB reactors identified at tests which are significantly overdue, and changes to compensation categories and clarification on sales data collections periods.

Table valuations

Table valuations are entirely objective and based on real market data. Rates for the 51 cattle categories are determined using large amounts of contemporaneous sales data for same category, but disease free, cattle.  Sales data for around 1.2m cattle is collected each year to support table valuations. For non-pedigree table values one month’s sales data is used, whereas six months’ data is used to determine table values for pedigree animals to ensure that data from either of the key sales periods in spring or autumn is included in the calculation.

The values in the table of categories are derived from sales information obtained from store markets, prime markets, rearing calf sales, breeding sales and dispersal sales in Great Britain.

Non-table valuations

Where the Secretary of State considers that the sales data for any particular bovine category in any given month are inadequate, or such price data is unavailable, the compensation payable will either be at the level of the most recently ascertained value for the same category, or alternatively the Secretary of State may opt to pay compensation at the level of the market value of the animal in question, as ascertained under the Individual Ascertainment of Value (England) Order 2012 or the TSE (England) Regulations 2010.

Where an owner slaughters an animal voluntarily and privately (which must be agreed with the Department) no compensation is payable.

List of compensation table valuations

Section 4 of the Dealing With TB In Your Herd publications (see the AHVLA website) provides more information on compensation arrangements.


Compensation for bovine animals slaughtered for Bovine TB, Enzootic Bovine Leucosis (EBL) and Brucellosis is calculated in England under the Cattle Compensation (England) Order 2012 and the Individual Ascertainment of Value (England) Order 2012.

Compensation for bovine animals slaughtered for BSE is calculated in England under the TSE (England) Regulations 2010, in Wales under the TSE (Wales) Regulations 2008, and in Scotland under the TSE (Scotland) Regulations 2010, which use data from the same system as England.


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