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Sustainable Growing Media Task Force


Latest news:

  • The Government Response to the Sustainable Growing Media Task Force has been published on the Defra website.
  • The work of the Task Force, as an entity, has now been completed and is being brought to a close. Thank you to everyone who has been involved.
  • A new Growing Media Panel is being established to oversee and co-ordinate delivery of the roadmap.

The government’s response to Chairman’s report and draft roadmap; Towards Sustainable Growing Media was published on 17 January 2013 and is available on the Defra website. It sets out the actions that Government will take to support the roadmap and the horticultural sector in its transition to sustainable growing media.

It addresses key issues arising from the work of the Task Force:

  • the implications for Government policy;
  • the support Government will provide to the industry; and
  • how the Government will show leadership.

It announces over £600k of new Government funding and in partnership with other funders a total package worth over £1.1m.


The Natural Environment White Paper, published in June 2012, announced the creation of a peat task force to explore how to overcome barriers to further reducing peat use in horticulture. The Task Force broadened its remit to that of putting the horticultural sector on a long-term sustainable footing by ensuring that all of the growing media (or substrate) used in horticulture is sustainable. To reflect this change of emphasis, it operated under the working title of the Sustainable Growing Media Task Force.

The Chairman of the Task Force published his report and draft roadmap, Towards Sustainable Growing Media, in July 2012. The report set out the Chairman’s thoughts on the work of the Task Force to date and the challenges ahead as well as presenting a draft roadmap showing how his proposals could be taken forward into actions.

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