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Government Veterinary Surgeons

GVS Members and other European colleagues participate in the GVS 2007 Conference hosted by Glasgow Veterinary School in 2007.

All Government vets are automatically members of the GVS network.

Government vets work in a number of different departments and agencies. Our website provides information on the issues and developments which affect this group of people.

Our aim is to make available news and information on professional issues to GVS vets as well as to others with an interest in the work of the network; perhaps because you are a veterinary student, you wish to become a veterinary student in the future or just want to find out more about the veterinary profession.

The expertise developed in government is unique. The key areas of expertise that can be best seen include: international roles, epidemiology, disease control and global or national population medicine. This makes working as a veterinarian in government an exciting and essential role. We also get involved in education, both undergraduate and postgraduate as the GVS encourages vets to both disseminate their knowledge and move around, or learn more about, the government network to develop to further develop their skills.

Trying to find a government vet?

There are occasions (particularly those planning to travel with pets) when it is necessary to find a local government vet.  The GVS is not able to advise on this. The advice that you need can be sought from the International Trade Centre for Exports (pet export team) in the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency based in Carlisle.

They can be contacted by phone on 01228 403600 (Option 2) or by email on

Further details can be found on the Animal Health website.

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