Storage & disposal

Storing veterinary medicines

Care should be taken to store veterinary medicines to prevent unauthorised access and in accordance with the instructions on the label.

Ideally they should be stored in their original containers, that are kept clean and under lock and key. They should be stored separately to non-medicines. To maintain the safety and efficacy of a veterinary medicine it should be stored at the recommended temperature, refrigerated if necessary, and away from strong light sources.

Disposing of veterinary medicines

To reduce risks associated with storage and the cost of disposing of unused and out of date medicines only buy as much as you need. Before disposal all waste should be stored safely and securely, using sharps bins for used needles and syringes, etc. Such waste cannot be put with domestic refuse, but should be disposed of as advised on the label.

Your veterinary surgeon, veterinary medicines supplier, the Environment Agency (Tel. 08708 506506 or visit the website: or your local Waste Regulation Authority, will be able to give advice on appropriate disposal routes. Records of disposal should be kept as outlined previously.

Remember it is against the law to sell or pass on unused medicines unless you are authorised to supply them.

Page last modified: 11 December 2012