Bird registration

Under Section 7 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, any captive bird of a species listed in Schedule 4 of the Act (as amended) must be registered with AHVLA.

If you keep any of the birds in the list, you must inform AHVLA and tell us the address at which the bird is being kept, even though you may not be the owner.

All birds listed on Schedule 4 must be fitted with a unique closed leg ring, microchip, or have a licence to be kept unringed.

The Wildlife Licensing & Registration Service (WLRS) operates the bird registration system for Great Britain, on behalf of Defra (for keepers located in England), for the Scottish Government (for keepers located in Scotland), and for the Welsh Government (for keepers located in Wales). WLRS will liaise with each Administration to ensure keepers are informed of legislative requirements.

Page last modified: 18 June 2013