Moving your cattle

Pre-movement and post-movement testing
For information on pre- and post-movement testing see our web pages on controlling disease.

Movements on and off restricted premises
Movements onto new breakdown premises are assessed on a case-by-case basis, but will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances and following a satisfactory veterinary risk assessment. Movements onto new breakdown premises are not permitted until the first Short Interval Test has been completed.  Contact your local AHVLA Field Services for further information.

Trading and moving TB restricted cattle
An information leaflet on trading and moving TB restricted cattle in England is available on our advice and guidance TB bovine page.

For further information on trading and moving TB restricted cattle in Wales, see the leaflet: What happens if bovine tuberculosis (TB) has been detected in your herd? (PDF)

Movements between SOAs and Cattle Tracing System (CTS) linked premises
Since the 1 July 2012 (England), owners of SOAs that comprise of premises in high and low TB risk zones will be required to pre-movement test animals moved from high risk premises.

No new CTS links or existing links renewed if the premises are within different TB risk areas. Movements between these holdings may still take place but all movements will need to be reported.

No new SOA applications or requests for the addition of new holdings to exisiting SOAs.

For further information on movements between SOAs and CTS linked premises please contact:

BCMS Helpline: 0845 050 1234 (Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm, Sat 9am-1pm)

CTS self service line: 0845 011 1212 (open 24 hours a day seven days a week)


For further information visit the Defra website.

If your herd is under restrictions, all moves of cattle on or off your premises are prohibited, unless authorised by a licence:

Licences for general movement 
The following moves are permitted under a licence authorising general movement:

  • Direct to slaughter. This is issued by your local AHVLA Field Services once all cattle in your herd have been tested.
  • On to your premises.This is issued by your local AHVLA Field Services on a risk assessed basis.

Licences for specific movement
All other movements require a licence for specific movement issued by AHVLA. Licenses require 5 days notice in order to accommodate a risk assessment. For further information on this please contact your local AHVLA Field Services.

Approved facilities for TB restricted cattle
The following facilities may be approved by your local AHVLA Field Services to receive cattle from TB restricted herds under a specific licence following a risk assessment.

The conditions for approval of these facilities will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Page last modified: 23 January 2014