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List of approved and registered premises

The list follows the format laid down by the European Commission and is arranged in eleven sections according to plant type.

Approved Plants Last updated
Intermediate plants 4 September 2014
Storage plants 4 September 2014
Incineration/co-incineration plants 4 September 2014
Processing (rendering) plants 4 September 2014
Oleo-chemical plants 4 September 2014
Biogas plants 4 September 2014
Composting plants 4 September 2014
Petfood plants 4 September 2014
Specific users 4 September 2014
Purposes outside of the food chain 4 September 2014
Collection centres 4 September 2014
Organic fertiliser/ soil improver plants 4 September 2014
Other registered operators 4 September 2014

Operators who require an approval under the Regulations should complete the appropriate application form and submit it to their local AHVLA Office.

A list of approved and registered premises in other member states is available on the European Commission website.

Premises approved to undertake TSE testing of fallen cattle

Page last modified: 4 September 2014